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Image by Katie Smith
Nutritional Coaching


It is my desire to help you change your relationship with food. We will work together as a team. I will help you to create healthier habits that will ultimately lead you to live a

healthier lifestyle.

How it Works:

  1. We will carefully examine your current eating habits. This will begin with you the client submitting a detailed 3 day food diary. This will help you to get a better understanding of what you are actually consuming on a daily basis. As well as help you to recognize patterns of overeating or under eating.

  2. From there we will discuss your goals, and any health issues that you are currently dealing with. Or health issues that you are potentially trying to avoid.

  3. I will evaluate your three day food diary. And from there make my recommendations. Moving forward you will then begin to submit a detailed food diary to me every two weeks. I will evaluate your food diary. And circle back with my recommendations. As time goes on we will replace your not so healthy meals. With healthier options that are still full of flavor.

  4. I will also help you to recreate some of your favorite dishes in a healthier more nutritious way. As well as give you guidance and tips on dining out. And how to plan ahead when you are traveling.

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